Pierre Muckensturm
850 GBP (£)
Engraving carborundum. Printing on BFK Rives paper 250g
80 x 115 cm
3 of 15
Perfect. First hand item.
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From the artist\'s studio
abstract,abstract print
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This artwork is sold as a diptych. Print's dimensions are: 50 x 65 cm/19.6 x 25.5 inches and 65 x 50 cm/25,5 x 19,6 inches.

Edition: 3/15

Pierre Muckensturm added printmaking to his oeuvre since 2010.

The engraving and printing process allows him to further explore notions of time and perspective. Muckensturm is inspired by the concepts of calmness, constancy and temporality. His work visually expresses a sense of harmony with time.

In his prints, he begins with gestural marks, examining them in detail, transforming them gradually, exploring how they communicate differently as he alters their size, shape, depth, magnitude and orientation over time.


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