My art belongs to the Old Havana of Cuba. It is my fountain; everything that I paint comes from there. It is a huge part of me, just like my painting. Since I was a boy, I have always had a sensitivity to art; as a child I was always drawing and creating. But as I matured I realized that I had a need to express more. Some people express with music, others dancing, but I found I was most eloquent with colors. It is through my paintings that I can let others into my world, a place where I am now an artist living in the United States but once was a dreamer in Cuba.
The motivation for my paintings stems from the nostalgia of Cuba and my childhood. Painting is a way to invite others into my Old Havana - the part of Old Havana that you do not find in tourist guides. When people look at my paintings they are not only seeing into my memories, but also the day-to-day experiences of each of my neighbors. Sometimes I worry that the culture that I grew up in will disappear, for what I see as light most people view as shadow. It is this fear of losing these moments that urges me to memorialize them in paint.
When people look at my artwork I want them to see me. I want them to see Cuba as I saw Cuba. I want them to feel the sea - a mass of blue that, to Cubans, is seen as both a border and a bridge to our dreams. I want them to seek a glimpse of the Yoruba religion, an AfroCuban religion that is practiced by my father and neighbors. My paintings are an extension of me, and I hope that those who see them can find a part of themselves.

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