Would you believe me if I told you that Franklin had an impressive side-eye to go with that snaggletooth of his ? Truth be told, I didn't have the honor of witnessing it, but I like it better that way. Dogs are incredibly expressive, but noticing their micro-moments is an honor and one that comes with time. Just like with people, we don't readily recognize non-verbal expressions or know what they mean, however, after enough time, the smallest of facial movements communicate so much. Maybe one day I'll have the honor of being on the receiving end of Franklin's.
Good Dog series

81.3 × 81.3, Edition of 15, $3,500;
101.6 × 101.6, Edition of 10, $4,200;
121.9 × 121.9, Edition of 5, $5,800

About The Gallery

Isabella Garrucho Fine Art is an art gallery based in Greenwood. It offers a great selection of artworks for sale by many emerging and established artists.
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