This pup was, truly, his own spotlight and had no hesitations when it came time to strike a pose. Chinese Crested dogs can not be mistaken for any other breed-- they are distinctly unique in so many ways. From their pink, spotted skin to the characteristic "crest" of ivory locks, they are their own fashion statement. I found myself thinking about the ways we receive and respond to animals with uncommon qualities. We are excited by their differences and celebrate them with open arms-- they inspire interest and appreciation in us. What a world it would be if we celebrated the differences in each other, the same way we do in our dogs.

Good Dog

81.3 × 81.3, Edition of 15, $3,500;
101.6 × 101.6, Edition of 10, $4,200;
121.9 × 121.9, Edition of 5, $5,800

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