There is a reason we choose animals to be our mascots. They are spotless embodiments of excellence and represent the strengths that we strive for. Reveille is the official mascot of Texas A&M University and an exemplary symbol of the core values they hold so dear: Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect and Selfless Service. Named Cadet General, she is the highest-ranking member in the Corps of Cadets, and rightfully so. (It's even known that if she ever barks while sitting in on a lecture, class is officially dismissed!) The very first Reveille arrived in 1931, after a group of students smuggled a stray dog into the dorms. Although dogs were not permitted on campus (we know how this story goes), the cadets soon fell in love with her and made one large exception to the rule, by allowing her to stay. And, let's be honest, dogs are always the exception to every rule.
Good Dog series

76.2 × 95.3, Edition of 15, $3,500;
101.6 × 127, Edition of 10, $4,200;
121.9 × 152.4, Edition of 5, $5,800

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