This imaginative work tells the surreal phenomenon of a little girl holding a balloon when traveling on the tourist site of the Borobudur temple, Indonesia. This girl was stunned to the depths of her imagination by extending into her senses with space objects that emerged from one of the stupas she was staring at. The image of the girl became more real until she felt the magical world exist in her mind rather than the real world. Artist interprets this as hypereality of imagination. The world of hypereality is increasingly apparent, while this girl recalls her memory of the history of the creation of Borobudur Temple in her school. When the instincts of knowledge imagination collaborating, then that is where the hypereality becomes more real. This unique attitude is common among children. By imagining, children quickly grasp new knowledge, explore the motoric abilities of the right brain, and develop their dreams more optimally.

Weight: 2 Kg

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