Good To Know: Stretched canvas on wooden box frame, stored in humidity controlled art storage facility, CoA (Certificate of Authenticity) issued by the artist, condition report available upon request.

Arty-Fact: "In my Middle East collection of paintings, I wanted to capture cities that are close to my heart, so I started with Dubai, where I was born and lived the first 18 years of my life. When I think of Dubai, I am mostly fascinated by the loyalty to its traditions. The way Emirati women elevated the Shayla scarf and the over-garment, robe-like Abaya—accessorised with high-end luxury-branded over-sized sunglasses, significant heels, and big bouffant hair partly hidden by the Shayla.

"Since painting this a few years ago, I have been asked repeatedly about my idea behind the veiled woman, and unfortunately more than once, I was asked if it was about the oppression of women in the Middle East - which is an upsetting stereotype. National dress is a matter of deep-rooted pride for Emiratis. They elevate and make it luxurious and contemporary while remaining immediately recognisable for what it is, so it's a cool inspiration for me to paint." ~ Rasha Eleyan

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