Teufelsberg No. 12

Reka One
500 EUR (€)
Original painting on screen print on 250 gsm fine art paper (Fluorescent markers)
70 x 100 x 0 cm
Unavailable For Sale
screen print,dubl trubl,Reka,Teufelsberg,Chrisse Kunst
The Teufelsberg series is a set of 19 hand painted originals on a black-and-white screen print of the iconic Berlin-Teufelsberg landscape designed by Chrisse Kunst and printed in the Mother Drucker Studios at Urban Spree. The project is a spin-off from the Dubl Trubl group show (18/09 - 30/10 2014) at Urban Spree.?


Asking Price500 EUR-

About Artist

James Reka is known for his clean, unique and not necessarily on the street style of street art, but also for his recent transition into painting.Read More