Decade Autoportrait 1969, V/H

Robert Indiana
6,500 USD ($)
Screenprint on paper
77.5 x 76.2 x 0 cm
Signed and numbered by the Artist
Edition 125
Available For Sale
Private Collection; Woodward Gallery, NYC
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Robert Indiana, best known for his iconic "LOVE" series, lived in 21 different homes by his 17th birthday, and credits his ongoing fascination with numbers to his childhood spent moving between a flurry of addresses and zip codes. "Each one is loaded with multiple references and significances," he said of his numbers. Indiana believed that each number has its own personality and symbolism, with one representing birth and zero representing death, and the numbers in between symbolizing periods from childhood through adulthood. He also attached significance to the colors he chose for his numbers, favoring red for one and four to convey the vibrancy of birth and the fiery period of adolescence, and grey for zero to convey a waning sense of time at the close of one's life. For Indiana, many of these numbers also held personal connections, such as the highway routes and building numbers that were important to him. When Robert Indiana moved to NYC in 1954, he moved to a space 25-31 Coenties Slip, an area just below the Financial District. Outside his loft Indiana saw signs more plentiful than trees, and wrote of that time that "the front of [Coenties] 25 was covered with words that influenced me in my work every day....the brass stencils I found in the loft - numbers, names of boats, and companies from the nineteenth century - became the matrices and materials for my work, and especially for my painting."


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One of the leading figures in American art since the 1960s, Robert Indiana played a pivotal role in the growth of assemblage art, hard-edge painting and Pop Art.Read More

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