For Robert Lardus, the alphabet of human figures in HUMNAOGRAPHY s the basis for converting an image into a completely new form. The composition is intended to evoke a specific reflection on the human condition in the recipient. It is a story about a man in a group, community, and interaction with others. It is the blurring of the individual in favor of the group. The art of calligraphy by Lardus consists of multi-level, multi-layer structures showing the complexity of an individual’s life in a community.
HUMANOGRAPHY is an aesthetic and intellectual experience. It allows Robert Lardus to express himself in an unbridled way. It is definitely more than the traditional use of icons and signs – for an artist, it is a way to create a completely new symbolism. Robert Lardus, although he is a conscious representative of the art of calligraphy, he breaks with the general rules. He allows himself to transform and deconstruct a man-letter in a very creative way. Robert does not limit himself to drawing figures – he manipulates color and textures.

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