Art projects for 'New York City' the artist Verteramo, who had already lived in this town for a short time, now come back with an artistic project. Verteramo would dedicate her raffinate artworks to the five boroughs that made up New York City(Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island), producing five paintings.

The design of the flag of the Bronx consists of a horizontal tricolor. The top band is orange, the middle band is white, and the band at the bottom is blue, mimicking the historical Dutch tricolor. In the center of the flag is a laurel wreath denoting honor and fame. The shield of the family arms shows the face of the sun with rays displayed rising from the sea, signifying peace, liberty, and commerce. The crest of the arms is an eagle facing eastward and with its wings expanded, representing 'the hope of the New World while not forgetting the Old.' The text underneath the shield is also the motto of the borough, and reads 'ne cede malis,' which is a Latin phrase meaning 'Yield not to evil".
The New York Project series

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