Art projects for 'New York City' the artist Verteramo, who had already lived in this town for a short time, now come back with an artistic project. Verteramo would dedicate her raffinate artworks to the five boroughs that made up New York City(Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island), producing five paintings.

The flag of Brooklyn has a white background with a seal at the center. Within the seal is a young robed woman set on a background of light blue, and bearing fasces, a traditional emblem of unity. Encircling that image is a ring of dark blue and the Old Dutch phrase 'Eendraght Maekt Maght' which translates into English as 'Unity makes strength'. Also, in the darker ring are the words 'borough of Brooklyn.' The outside and inside trim of the seal are gold-colored. The primary colors of the seal reflect the recognized colors of the borough, blue, and gold. New York Project

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