Art projects for 'New York City' the artist Verteramo, who had already lived in this town for a short time, now come back with an artistic project. Verteramo would dedicate her raffinate artworks to the five boroughs that made up New York City(Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island), producing five paintings.

The Borough of Manhattan official flag is very similar to the New York City flag. The only difference from the City flag is the use of the seal of the Borough in place of the City Seal. The seal is the city's but with two stars below and the encircling inscription 'BOROUGH OF MANHATTAN,' NOVEMBER 1, 1683. The date at the bottom is the date on which the Province of New York was divided into twelve counties by New York Governor Thomas Dongan, and it was created the New York County (Manhattan) with the same border in use today. Previously the Borough used the same flag but with the encircling inscription 'The President of the Borough of Manhattan' 'NYC' to represent the institution in official occasions.
New York Project series

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