Art projects for 'New York City' the artist Verteramo, who had already lived in this town for a short time, now come back with an artistic project. Verteramo would dedicate her raffinate artworks to the five boroughs that made up New York City(Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island), producing five paintings.

The flag of Queens has three horizontal bands. The band at the top and bottom are blue, and the middle band is white. Also on the flag is a centered design, consisting of a ring, a tulip, and a rose. At the top-left of the flag are a queen's crown, the words 'Qveens Borovgh' (a stylized form of the name 'Queens Borough'), and the four digits of a date. The ring is a ring of wampum, shown because the area was named 'Sewanacky' (a word meaning 'island of seashells) by the Lenape in reference to its being one of the few places where the Lenape could collect the clams and whelks used to make wampum. The tulip shown on the flag is a representation of the Dutch, who were early settlers of the area. The red and white rose is a Tudor rose, a traditional symbol of England and the English monarchy. The queen's crown signifies the name of the borough, named in honor of Catherine of Braganza, Queen Consort of England in 1683 when New York's original twelve counties (of which Queens was one) were established and named. The date indicates the year when Queens became a part of the City of New York.

New York Project series

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