Art projects for 'New York City' the artist Verteramo, who had already lived in this town for a short time, now come back with an artistic project. Verteramo would dedicate her raffinate artworks to the five boroughs that made up New York City(Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island), producing five paintings.

The flag of Staten Island was adopted in 2002 and consists of elements designed for a contest held in 1971. The contest was held by Staten Island's Borough President Robert T. Connor. The flag has flown over the Staten Island Advance and Chamber of Commerce buildings, and is on display in City Hall and Staten Island Borough Hall. The flag has a white background with an oval in the center. Within the oval is a blue sky and two white seagulls. The green outline represents the countryside, and the white shape represents the cityscape, denoting the residential areas of Staten Island. In the center of the oval are the words 'Staten Island' in gold. Under the name are five wavy blue lines to symbolize the water bodies surrounding the island. The previous borough flag for Staten Island, adopted the same time as the flags of Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, was a navy blue flag with an orange seal in the center, containing two waterfowl and the text "Richmond Borough 1663 1898 S New York'. This was the official borough flag for Staten Island, and reflected its previous official name of "Richmond".
New York Project series

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