This is the only one mounted under DIASEC; In June 2008 five MDC party workers were preparing for the Presidential run off. Three armed soldiers men came into their office, and shot two of the workers at point blank range and told the rest to lie on the ground. The emptied a 25 litre container of petrol onto them, left the building, locked the door, lit a candle and threw it inside. All three survivors managed to escape when one of them kicked down the door. They suffered severe burns. "the whole room was a blaze of fire, we were in pain and agony.... we were thinking too much about our kids, and our families, and we were praying for that moment to God, may God, can you assist us...".


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Galerie Eric & Valérie GALEA is an art gallery based in Avignon. It offers a great selection of artworks for sale by many emerging and established artists.
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