When Jennifer, a 26 year old transgender woman, returned to her mother's home after living on the streets, her mother told her to get tested for HIV. "My mother told me that I had to take a test at the time. I did not take it very seriously, but I knew that I got involved with people infected, who I had sex with ...those people using no protection." Jennifer tested positive for HIV, but she could not tell her mother: "I was ashamed of it all at that time I was going to get more medication then I gave up on medication. I stayed like that some more time. It was always that thing into me I always had a doubt, as if I was not well." She explained why she stopped: "I was afraid and ashamed that one day somebody would discover that I was HIV-positive." Off her medication, Jennifer became very ill and had to be hospitalized: "During the two months I was ill, I was hospitalized, I lost my life expectancy. I thought I was really going to die. I did not even have some hope." From near death, she made a remarkable recovery. She now takes her medication regularly.

Where Love Is Illegal WLII series

65 × 50 × 1, Edition 1/5 + 2AP - €1,500;
105 × 80 × 1, Edition 1/5 + 2AP - €3,500

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