40 year-old, black, female of trans experience, Malaysia at home in New Orleans. Malaysia is a Retention Specialist and Miss Black Trans International 2018-2019. (Pronouns: Use Malaysia, not she/her/they/them). "When I was younger, there were only two ways of life, gay or straight, that's it. I knew that I wasn't 'straight', but I attempted to be, because that's how everyone else was and I thought that it would keep me from being harassed and beat. It didn't work." Malaysia found a community after school and began performing drag. "When I look at it now, drag taught me how to be a woman. It taught me how to be feminine and beautiful." For Malaysia it was just performance, not identity. "When the word 'tranny' was introduced to me, or I was called that, I was scared...so, I ran from the word." "One day, now as an adult, and in charge of my own life, I decided to put on girls clothes and makeup, and go out in the daytime. I had never been so comfortable in my life. No one looked at me differently, harmed me, called me names, nothing. I knew then, that I was this term that had haunted me for so many years, 'tranny.'" Since Malaysia began presenting as a woman, promotions have disappeared and employers have turned their backs, but Malaysia is a strong, black, transgender woman. Malaysia is an activist and Malaysia keeps fighting.

Where Love Is Illegal WLII series

65 × 50 × 1, Edition 1/5 + 2AP - €1,500;
105 × 80 × 1, Edition 1/5 + 2AP - €3,500

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Galerie Eric & Valérie GALEA is an art gallery based in Avignon. It offers a great selection of artworks for sale by many emerging and established artists.
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