Married gay African-American women 68 year-old Sonja Jackson (left) and 83 year-old Evelyn Jenkins Whitaker at home in Brooklyn, New York. "We met on our job. Sonja was a faculty member teaching in the department of Radiologic Technology. Evelyn was at the time the vice president in student affairs...Eventually we had to admit that we were attracted to one another. ...A couple of years later we decided that we loved each other and wanted to be together." Sonja and Evelyn have been together for 18 years, but both were married to men before they found each other. Both their families accept them and love them. "Our life together has been great with the exception of medical issues and the attitude of our church minister. We are happy and love each other very much and we c are of each other."

Where Love Is Illegal WLII series

65 × 50 × 1, Edition 1/5 + 2AP - €1,500;
105 × 80 × 1, Edition 1/5 + 2AP - €3,500

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