21 year-old, homeless heterosexual trans man, Terry Ruggiero at Trinity Place Shelter. Trinity Place Shelter is a non-sectarian, 10-bed transitional shelter that provides LGBTQ youth and young adults with a safe place to sleep, shower, eat and store belongings. "After all the excitement I then got my top surgery and It was a memorable moment for me because I wouldn't have to layer up my clothing anymore and I was able to wear my shirt off and feel more comfortable in my skin." Terry is a transgender man living in New York City. Until recently, Terry lived with his father and grandmother in Long Island. They (along with his aunt) were unique in Terry's family for supporting him. After they both passed, Terry was homeless. He briefly lived with a friend from school while transitioning, but now lives in Trinity Place Shelter, a transitional shelter for LGBTQI+ young people. "I didn't stay with my family because they don't accept me. They misgendered me ever since I was 11. They knew that I'm trans for about 10 years now. They called me my dead name. They called me a female still."

Where Love Is Illegal WLII series

65 × 50 × 1, Edition 1/5 + 2AP - €1,500;
105 × 80 × 1, Edition 1/5 + 2AP - €3,500

About The Gallery

Galerie Eric & Valérie GALEA is an art gallery based in Avignon. It offers a great selection of artworks for sale by many emerging and established artists.
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