BABY PORTRAIT: 18 month old Deliver was born in an old beer hall now home to many families displaced in Operation Murambatsvina. Both of her parents are unemployed and have been without work since their house was destroyed in the Operation in 2005. Her mother Gertrude describes their living conditions: "it is polluted with bad smells, and even the way we are living it is a place which is easily affected by many diseases. The way we get our life is so difficult, we live like animals." The Mugabe Regime's 2005 "Operation Murambatsvina" aimed to destroy slum houses and markets as an effort to drive out large sections of the urban and rural poor, who comprise much of the internal opposition to the Mugabe administration. The United Nations estimates that Operation Murambatsvina (meaning literally "remove the shit") affected at least 700,000 people directly through loss of homes or livelihoods, and indirectly affected around 2.4 million people - equating to nearly 1 out of every 4 people in Zimbabwe.


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