Mixed media, acrylic work, sanded vintage newsprint on canvas

Born in Santiago de Chile, Romanho is based in Dallas, Tx. Romanho's technique is a unique procedure based on specially treated newsprints mixed with bark, roots, and flowers combining two-dimensional cubism with a three-dimensional photo portrait. "I recognized Romanho as an original painter because of his original use of material", says the actress Queen Latifah. "His paintings are unpredictable and his passion for his work is beautiful. I haven't seen a painting anywhere that looks like this." "When I started my career as an artist I did not have the means to express myself. Out of frustration, I checked the newspaper to find a job. While doing so, I started to draw on it and the magic began. I noticed the newsprint did not hold the paint, so I developed a technique in which I treat the paper with some natural products made of bark, roots, and flowers imported from Chile, which kept the newsprint from being destroyed by the paint. The texture that I get from the paper is unique and impossible to achieve with other materials. Painting on newspaper, which some people would consider this crude, primitive, temporary, and not worthy of attention [...] makes it special and unique." "At first viewing, the subject matter seems basic or elementary in form. However, the colors and vibrancy of the brushwork gives soul to the flat surface, you can feel the soul behind the painting. My work comes from my soul rather than eyes, brain, or paintbrush. I do feel when I paint. So if the works appear to be chaotic it is only because the paper is allowing some of the chaos of everyday life spill out. My job as an artist is more about catching that spill over emotions than trying to mimic or create an accurate photographic rendition of images".

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