In an attempt to illustrate subtle, abstract relationships between what is real, and our "filtered" perception of reality, using both analog and digital drawing and painting and an array of computer modeling and imaging software, the artist focuses on the relationship between objects existing in space, and the space in which the objects reside, content vs container so-to-speak.
He deals with what the 20th Century philosopher Michel Foucault referred to as "other spaces", the space in a reflection, in a shadow, in a conversation, or in silence, for instance. Initially his constructs are developed within complex architectonic parameters, forming elements in virtual space.
The drawings are built up over time, incorporating as many as 180 drawing layers, resulting in an illusion of denuded space, that seems to continue deep into the drawing. The observer is drawn through a portal of his own subconscious.
As his eyes allow his mind to gain access these images, the familiar signposts of 3-D space, light and dark surface modeling and texturing, and the conventions of 2-d representation in general, cause many to think that they are looking at photographic manipulation, but no photographic source material is used.
Location: Valencia, Spain

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