Crak! (1963) is an exhibition poster published by Posters Originals in 1963 for a Leo Castelli exhibition held from September 28 to October 24, 1963. Referenced in Corlett no. II.2.C, Bianchini (1971) cat. no. 5, Zerner (1974) cat. no. 7. Named for its onomatopoeic graphic text, Lichtensteinis iCrak!i is a first edition poster, not a reproduction. The poster image presents a beret-clad woman shooting a rifle. Lichtenstein recomposed the comic book source o from a story written by Bob Haney and illustrated by Jack Abel in Star Spangled War Stories #102 (Apr./May 1962) o by cropping the subject and replacing the mound of sand with a pile of sandbags.

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