Art project with Sam Francis and Walasse Ting gathered together American and European Artists to produce a book portfolio of images and poetry in 1964. This ambitious project could never be done today with all the Artists involved and their Estate/ Foundation legal commitments.
DOUBLE SIDED with Jim Dine Color Shower Head with 'Dine' signed in plate on verso:
Text on Jim Dine side:; A Dream; Green in the Morning, Big Girl Don't Cry; green sky drop green rain; I open green umbrella under green water; I wait in green eyed girl; she not come; I don't know
Text on Sam Francis side:; I open green umbrella; I find; green eyed girl beautiful; green umbrella beautiful; green sun beautiful; green sky beautiful; I still wait; she not come; my heart fire green to red; red to blue; blue to white; I remember your tears clear; green eyed girl not come; heart already cold; eyes wet; I hate green in the morning rain
2; PINK IN THE EVENING, WHY NOT SLEEP; I carry three miles love in pocket; looking for unknown venus; step by step under April rain; street after street with 10th avenue sun; I dreamed with a dream; yellow light behind prink curtain; lady sit near mirror; combing long hair; cannot see her face; I dreamed she is beautiful; I wish I walk in room; open dress; naked; jump in hot water; fall asleep in bath; doesn't matter if I don't know her name; she not afraid; she smile; I eat six pig after bath; I drink hundred cups wine with laugh; I going to sleep on her bed; three days; three nights; I wish I know a window with a pink curtain; when I pass street
3; LET ME GO, LET ME CRY; you safe small room upstairs; ask round fan, round fan; blow headache away; you cry small room upstairs; ask long water, long water; running to east One Cent Life

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