This majestic double portrait "Abraham and Sarah" is part of a series of paintings by breaking British artist, Sax Berlin. Inspired by the Bible and also by a commission to paint “Isaac" (2014).
Abraham and Sarah are depicted in nomadic old age, still wandering but awaiting the miracle of their promised son.  "I had no idea at the time that I was creating a  standing ageing pregnant woman in the folds of the headscarf by Sarah's face..." says Sax Berlin, "...the hand the brush the texture the canvas and the paint all know what they are doing....all I can do is step aside and watch the creation.” 
"I laid the gold and etched into the silver of the beard as though the piece was created by a contemporary artist, after researching the work of Ur and Babylon…"
This Master artist is also Shaman. He encounters the spirits of antiquity and transmits them to our modern world.
Masterful work by a truly great artist. 
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