Sax Berlin is currently working in the heat of a villa in the Spanish desert, his "billion dollar hand" creating pieces referencing cutting edge icons. This new work has such colour, energy and vigour. Inspired by his days as a bicycle courier in Manhattan, painting where & whenever it was possible, and watching artists like Basquiat & Haring appear in the dark hours to create radical street art. Berlin's cutting edge New York City Style paintings are the natural successor to these graffiti works. Seeing Berlin painting with such enervation and vibrancy is awe inspiring. He works with a new physicality, ending each piece panting & gasping for air in the dry desert heat. This is Berlin at the top of his game achieving a milestone in neo-expressionism. Berlin believes that Eminem and his rapping have become neglected and is striving to bring him in to the pantheon. 
Sharp Edge 21st Century New York City Style. Contact for price