Sax Berlin "Firebird: Ashes to Ashes" The Firebird - half formed, half realized, rises from the ashes of creation to take his place for eternity. Berlin is a highly symbolic artist, almost metaphysical in his work; this piece is no exception; his Firebird in this portrayal symbolizes the re-birth of acting. Swirling in the maelstrom there's a three dimensional quality to this painting, rich shades of red writhe behind the figure who has been forged in the heat, delicate, earthly greens intimate the cooling dust and the Firebird quietly waits. His golden collar reflects the fires like a mirror and affixes itself, becoming a part of the organic whole. Stunning painting from this true genius.
Created using pure gold leaf and pigments studio ground by Sax in his studio.
White Court Art is privileged to work with Sax Berlin. Time spent in his studio is always educational; watching him use techniques learned over many years is an honour. Here there is no genre only creation. Please contact us for price.

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