The concept of service and governance is not new in history; Einstein thought the “high destiny of the individual is to serve rather than to rule” and Seneca the great Roman philosopher thought “to govern was to serve, not to rule”. This noble theory is upturned when the rule of law breaks down. In the New York of the late twentieth century the city faced terrible social problems that conventional governance was unable to address. To combat the dangers on the streets and in the subways a pseudo-military group stepped up and brought a sense of safety to the public. They turned Einstein & Seneca upside down and their ethos was “to rule is to serve”. At the same time a young Sax Berlin was working in the city and came to feel the sense of safety these groups gave to ordinary people where the police and authorities had failed. In homage to The Guardian Angels Berlin has created a series of paintings to honour and remember them.

Acrylic on canvas

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