Our world and the various environments in which we live are cyclical; we live in a spiral where all things connect and balance. Art is subject to these laws and it’s possible to trace the evolution of these cycles. Each cycle embellishing or paring back what’s gone before. Step into pre-history and we can see the sculpted figurines of the Cyclades; female carvings with clean, minimalistic lines. These are an enduring part of Cycladic art and cover almost a thousand years of their culture. As the spiral slowly turns these folded arm figurines are rediscovered by artists of the modern era; Hans Arp, Brancusi & Modigliani all interpret these figurines in their own style. Moving into the 21st century Master Artist Sax Berlin has moved into this cycle too and uses all his creative ability to paint a beautiful, lavish piece that draws together the threads of time and creation to paint Poetic Parisienne Rhythms. It’s a sumptuous work with rich and vibrant colours, the pigments hand ground by the artist and embellished with pure gold leaf that accentuates the piece. This painting positively glows and becomes alive with the play of light over its surface.

48? x 36? unframed


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