Berlin's Dove of Peace series celebrates the inherent power of women; giving them roles of leadership and recognising the positive energy women exude. It is a very special talent that can not only inherently understand this psyche but can also bring it to life and allow others to glimpse into it. Sax Berlin has this unique ability, and he understands it at the very deepest level .  Women everywhere strive to engage one another's voices and engage with one another's lives to establish common ground and try to allow common good to flourish. It's a difficult road to travel and the path will not always be smooth. The dreams of women will sometimes be shattered, there will be rocky places of frustration & bewilderment, hope will become despair. But through the difficult and painful times women must march together with hope and an audacious faith in the future. And this projection of the power, dignity, solidarity and justice that women contain is found in every brush stroke and every laying on of gold & silver leaf and in the very canvas of this truly special work.