A masterwork from a master artist, White Gold Lilies for the Dove of Peace is an immaculate piece, pure colours balanced with earthy hues imbue the work with shades of sumptuous richness seldom found outside the great collections. Nuance and symbolism combine within the elements of this painting to create an artistic journey through antiquity; Japanese wood block design, the language of flowers, even the colours themselves combine so masterfully to complete the piece. In this ground breaking painting Berlin has used bright vermillion & turquoise powered tones, volcanic glass and rock garnered from the slopes of Mount Vesuvius create texture and the use of the finest hand ground pigments and white gold leaf escalate this seminal piece to a higher plane. This magnificent painting offers the pinnacle of modern fine art and combines it with the tradition of the Old Masters. A truly spectacular collectors piece for those who want the finest, perhaps not out of place in a latter day Palace of Knossos. Please contact us for price.

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