Paper Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Satin 310g on aluminium.

ONLY 6 numbered and signed pieces will be issued
This is pure conceptual art beyond the limit of photography.

Cobblestones, road signs, bycicle lanes, holes in the asphalt and tire marks sometimes offer absolutely perfect compositions from a formal and chromatic point of view.
On chipped walls, stained with moisture and dripping pipes and gutters, we find a large part of the history of art, from the Flemish to the eighteenth century Vedutists, from Leonardo's nuisance to Schifano's pop, from Constable to Turner, to Friedrich, to Monet.

'I play with double, specularity, appearance, mystification, showing one thing for another [...] Double meanings, double figures. Often images turned upside down, distorted, improbable. Reality and duplicates of reality, further duplicated by photographic representation.
And I feel excited to do it with a camera, which more than any other medium should show reality for what it is. '

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