One of a number of paintings the artist has produced featuring Rooks Oil on canvas. Excellent condition. Framed

“Sometimes the impulse to paint is clearly defined and recognisable. It has form and colour, but may only be a very small thing – perhaps a relationship between two, seemingly insignificant, elements, which create a certain tension by their juxtaposition.​

Sometimes the impulse is to make a creative response to those small internal voices which cry out for expression from time to time. Sometimes it’s that ‘still small voice’ that carries a yearning. Sometimes it’s a cry from the depths of my being that can’t be ignored because of its sheer force of authority. Even if they are barely discernible sounds, they can be the impulse to making the first marks, or, frequently, the ultimate marks of a painting.”

Image 37" x 31". Framed 42" x 34"

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