06-49 1991/2003
In 1988 an American bank invited me to do a project. Their automatic tellers had video cameras that filmed clients as they went unsuspectingly about their business. I managed to get hold of some recordings. The images were beautiful but I thought if I just used them as found documents, without adding anything of my own, I would be betraying my own style. I needed an idea to go with these two faces. Fifteen years later I decided to go back over my research, delineate the anatomy of this failure and, at last, free myself of these images. Give up before their presence.
En 1988, une banque americaine m'avait invitee a realiser un projet in situ.; Les distributeurs automatiques de l'etablissement etaient munis de cameras video qui filmaient, a leur insu, les clients en train d'effectuer des operations. J'ai reussi a me procurer certains enregistrements. J'etais seduite par la beaute des images, mais il me semblait qu'en utilisant des documents trouves, sans apport « vecu » de ma part, je ne collais pas a mon propre style. Il fallait trouver une idee pour accompagner ces visages.; Des mains qui ont touche l'argent aux cibles humaines, Unfinished retrace l'histoire de cette recherche, analyse quinze annees de tentatives ratees, dessine l'anatomie d'un echec.

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