Read in my mother's diary : December 28, 1985 - No use investing in the tenderness of my children, between Antoine's placid indifference and Sophie's selfish arrogance ! My only consolation is, she is so morbid that she will come visit me in my grave more often than on Rue Boulard. May 29, 1986 - I don't remember to whom I said yesterday over the phone, about myself : 'She came from nothing-and left jaded about everything !' September 9, 1986 - I still dont't know whether I want to be cremated or buried. Funny how I can't imagine that happening to me at all! April 28, 1987- Good bye, Diary! I'm off to New-York. Let's hope it will all be wonderful. If the plane crashes, here's a cheery farewell to life! November 10, 1988 - I slowly get used to my depression; slighted, it slowly backs away. June 6, 1989 - Abominable. January 1, 1990 - 'To have accomplished nothing and to die overworked.' (Cioran) April 1, 1990 - No, I'm not depressed, nor bitter, but I am terribly bored, without purpose or project or vision, 'I feel that I am just a ruined tomb in which my virtues and illusions lie.' February 21, 1995 - Nothing! Except nursing my sorrow. December 11, 1995 - I would already like Christmas to be over. Or perhaps I'd like my life to be over. December 10, 1996 - Dear Diary(possibly the last volume thereof), good-bye. I didn't give you much, and you returned the compliment... One of the notebooks was undated and the pages were blank, except for a few notes about how to use the VCR, and this sentence : 'I died in a very good mood. Autobiographies

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Founded in Paris in 1990 by Emmanuel Perrotin, then 21 years old, the gallery has become one of the most
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