North Pole; Because I am there, on the bridge; Because I am with Marie who doesn't take pictures; Because we are alone; Because that's what you do when you are at the end of the world; Because I won't be back to the North Pole anytime soon; Because I can't resist; Because of the silence; Because of the solemnity; Because of day when it is night; Because of the blue, the clear sky, the grey sea; Because it is the night of September 11; Because I want to believe in that image; Because you never know For the memory of it. The series Parce que (Because) concealed by curtains embroidered with text for viewers to read before lifting the curtain to discover the image behind it. The text that begins with the word «Parce que» explains the reason why this image exists, why the artist chose this specific place or time. The justification for the photograph can thus be understood before the image, in a unique tautological rapport that questions the text-image relationship. FRANCAIS : La serie de photographies Parce que masquees par des rideaux brodes d'un texte que le visiteur; peut lire avant de les soulever pour decouvrir l'image. Le texte qui debute par « Parce que » explique la raison pour laquelle cette image existe, pourquoi l'artiste a choisi ce moment ou ce lieu. La justification de la photographie est ainsi lisible avant l'image, dans un rapport tautologique inedit qui questionne la relation texte - image.

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