This work is available in English and French :; The surgeon's report said, " His heart was split in two, like a book. " Decorum dictated that I stay away from his funeral. His ashes were scattered, and with them my grief. I made him an ephemeral memorial, a marble plate resting on the sand of the bullring of Seville, on the spot where he died, May 1st, 1992, at 6:45 in the afternoon, his heart impaled on a horn. Sur le rapport du chirurgien, on pouvait lire : "son coeur etait ouvert en deux comme un livre." Les convenances m'ecartaient de ses funerailles. Ses cendres furent dispersees. Mon deuil etait desincarne. Je lui ai fait une sepulture ephemere, une plaque de marbre posee sur le sol des arenes de Seville, a l'endroit precis ou il est mort, le 1er mai 1992, a dix-huit heures quarante-cinq, une corne en plein coeur. Autobiographies series

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