On March 18, 1990, six paintings by Rembrandt, Flinck, Manet and Vermeer, five drawings by Degas, one vase, and one Napoleonic eagle were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. The frames of the Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Flinck paintings were left behind. In 1994, after being restored, the empty frames were hung back in place, further emphasizing the painting's absence. I asked the clairvoyant Maud Kristen what she saw in those empty frames. Text Ghosts fill the frame, as if the theft had freed the characters, had allowed them to leave that frozen representation while staying on-site. I feel that they are most present in their absence. The visitors' gazes held them back, but now they can wander around the museum. They have that physical freedom one has in the dark, the pleasure of living one's life without being seen....What I mean is that even if the canvas was burned, the woman who posed for it is not disfigured. Its as if, having been divested of her body, she was then divested of her image. What I see in this opening is alive and joyful. What do you see ?

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