Erased (Gold)

2,200 EUR (€)
Acrylic Paint on Canvas
120 x 80 x 4.5 cm
Signed at the back
Available For Sale
Urban Spree Galerie
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Thank for your interest in Erased (Gold) by SP38, proposed by URBAN SPREE GALERIE Berlin. The asking price is currently 2200 EUR (€)

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ERASED // When street art pays homage to toying. Erased - Efface - Ausradiert Erased: the walls, the city, the memories, graffiti, childhood, history, words, life, empty monuments, hope, innocence, dreams, signs, green trees. Erase oblivion, rub out memory. Erase the work before it's finished, self-efface one's own work by covering it with its duplicate. Erase history, both recent and distant. Erase the cruel crystalline nights with repetitive blood red slogans like so many mute, slowly illegible words. Turn a piece of wall lost in a rigid historical street into an evolving and unfinished artwork that derides content by erasing-replacing the same signs, the same forms, the same useless repetitions. ERASED was written on a large roll of paper found in the trashcan at a kindergarten. The series ran until the paper ran out. The first one hit the street the day Fidel Castro died ... Pasted up mainly in Berlin, Paris, Seoul, Wilhelmshaven; Image rights: Urban Spree Galerie


Asking Price2,200 EUR (€)-

About The Artist

SP38 is a French street and performance artist, based in Berlin, who papers his city walls, and many other areas across the globe,....Read More

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Within Urban Spree, the Urban Spree Galerie is a 400 sqm independent contemporary art space. Set in a vast postindustrial compoun....Read More
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