Good To Know: Framed, professionally packed and stored in humidity controlled art storage facility, condition report available upon request.

Arty-Fact: “The Collector” is part of STATIC’s “Little Vandals” series, a progression from their incredibly successful “Luxury Vandals” collection. The “Little Vandals” body of work continues STATIC’s examination of street art by depicting children as street artists.

The “Little Vandals” pieces, according to STATIC, are about exploration – “No matter what age you are, or what job you do, everyone has a ‘Little Vandal’ that wants to rearrange the stars somewhere inside them.”

In this collection they have taken the urban street artist, often stereotyped as a vandal or criminal, and likened their act of rebellion to innocent childhood adventure – successfully continuing to make people look differently at the world around them. Source: ArtRepublic

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