11 janvier 2015

Stephane Pencreac'h
1,377 EUR (€)
Lithograph, photo, collage on paper
75 x 105 x 0 cm
Edition of 30
Available For Sale
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Affirming the sense of a syncretism between images, Stéphane Pencréac'h seeks to unify the practice of art and the expression of freedom within great historical paintings. As a witness to his time, his lithography recounts the tragic episode that occurred in Paris in January 2015 in a way that involves its dissemination through the media as well as a theatrical vision of the world.


Asking Price1,377 EUR-

About Artist

The work of Stephane Pencreac'h is impregnated with eroticism and sensuality, very sensitive to other cultures and to contemporary contradictions.Read More

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11 rue Louise Weiss, Paris, France
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