Reminiscent of the commercial signage frequently found in urban landscapes and generally located on the tops or facades of buildings, There Are Other Fish In The Sea translates the familiar phrase into a text-based installation, consisting of an illuminated signboard made with ocean blue LED letters mounted on a wall.
There Are Other Fish In The Sea utilizes the format of commercial signage, appropriating its form while contextualizing it within the forthcoming consequences of consumerism. The phrase diverges from a human-centric discourse, reconceptualizing the potential end of human life as rather insignificant for the rest of life on Earth: Other species will migrate and flourish in our absence, and there will be plenty of fish who will take our place and inhabit our spaces.

About The Gallery

OMR was founded in 1983 and through over 400 exhibitions and 20 years of participation in art fairs, has developed
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