Movements, transactions and relations in today's world are constantly registered and analysed. This accumulated data holds an increasing value to the extent of shaping our reality, as the access to such collected data influences our everyday life. When gathered and analysed, data holds tremendous economic potential, making it the oil of the 21st century. Useful for targeted advertising, racial profiling, and even the wielding of political influence, data can be mined not just by corporations but by national and supranational entities and other political or governing bodies--or sometimes by both, in collaboration with each other. The data market has thus become a highly powerful yet widely unregulated one. Today, access to data becomes equal to power, posing real consequences for democratic societies and individual citizens.; With All Data To The People, SUPERFLEX points to the asymmetry in the current access to data and to the right of all people to information and distribution of power, on which democracy depends. The painting continues to be produced in a growing number of languages.; Designed in collaboration with Rasmus Koch Studio. All Data To The People

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OMR was founded in 1983 and through over 400 exhibitions and 20 years of participation in art fairs, has developed
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