sbc 149

Susan Cantrick
4,200 GBP (£)
Acrylic on linen
97 x 130 x 0 cm
Available For Sale
In a text for the catalog of a 2013 Paris group exhibition entitled “Crossroads,” Françoise Caille wrote: “Cantrick’s work is characterized by an off-centered hybrid network of organic and geometric structures that seem to be moving beyond the limits of the picture plane. …A geometry that resists the rigor of classic mathematical figures is organized and then undone, favoring aleatoric forms and playing with the power of color contrasts. Out of the chaos and diversity of these structures emerges, however, a form of spatial anchoring: the compositions are stable, barely yielding to the movements that cross them. The work appears to be a constructive game of working out the best equilibrium amongst the forces at play. Cantrick employs at once an architectural approach and the means of a cubist who decomposes and recreates space, in this case fictive… The space is filled with structural richness, building a totality.”
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This acrylic painting on linen is one of a series of 10 that the artist developed from a painting that incorporated a photograph she took of a flatbed truck used for transporting cars.

The element of interest on the truck was a sort of ladder with soft-cornered rectangular openings. She extracted all but the ladder structure from the photo, punched out the openings, and digitally superimposed the image on a painting in progress.

That digital montage became the model for the first painting. Each successive painting took on its own identity completely apart from the source materials, with the soft-cornered rectangles and the palette being predominant constants.

sbc 149 was the récipient of the ArtAbsolument prize at the 2013 edition of the Parisian group exhibition Réalités Nouvelles.



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Susan Cantrick is an American artist whose abstract paintings aim to articulate the complexities of emergent cognition.Read More

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