Plumb Line Drawing No. 11, is a definitive example of the artist's continuing series of repetitive line-drawings. Each work in the series is the product of an exhaustive process, employing a plumb bob or 'snap string'. The tool, commonly used in construction, is suspended from a nail, hammered through a large sheet of paper mounted on the wall. The nail, positioned along a horizontal line, serves as anchor point from which the plumb line is suspended, pulled taut and snapped. Each contact releases a fine line of vine ash onto the paper. The artist repeats the process by placing the nail a few millimetres to the right of the hole left by the previous iteration. Once again, the plumb line is lowered, pinched and plucked, as a new impression appears. The resulting sequence of lines condenses to a mesmerizing drawing of exceptional beauty, concealing the laborious process of its creation. Plumb Line Series

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Bartha Contemporary was founded by Swiss-German couple Niklas and Daniela von Bartha in January 2000. The gallery relocated to its
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