Alice 'Spielerin' 'Uber-Mut' 'Schwester'

Susanna Kraus
Original on silvergelatine - direct paper
200 x 186 x 0 cm
Unique; As Edition: 7 + II Silvergelantine Print from Original on Baryt, Alu-Dibond each 4.500€
Available For Sale
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Spielerin original 200 x 62cm 8500€; Uber-Mut original 200 x 62cm- 8500€- Schwester original 200 x 62cm 8500€


Asking Price €20,000 - 30,000 (Shipping, tax, and service quoted by seller)-

About Artist

Susanna Kraus is a German artist and actress who was born in 1957. Her work was included in various solo and group art exhibitions.Read More

About Gallery

Pestalozzistr. 14 & Zieblandstrasse 19, Munich, Germany
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