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Series: Mindmelt

Arty-Fact: Combining traditional Japanese culture with contemporary Japanese design and subculture elements, “Calmness 1” is a modern interpretation of the Buddhist deity, Yakushi Nyorai (Skt: Bhaishajya-guru).

Known as the healing / medicine Buddha (“enlightened one”), Bhaishajya-guru is widely worshipped in Tibet, China, and Japan. According to popular belief in those countries, some illnesses are effectively cured by merely touching his image or calling out his name. More serious illnesses, however, require the performance of complex ritual acts, as described in the principal scripture of the Bhaishajya-guru sect.

In Japan, the worship of Bhaishajya-guru reached a peak during the Heian period (794–1185), and he is especially venerated by the Tendai, Shingon, and Zen sects. He is often represented in the garb of a blue-skinned Buddha with his medicine bowl in one hand.

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