Tenesh Webber
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Black and white photograph
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New York City based Jane Ursula Harris, independent curator/writer wrote about Webber’s work: “Through an economy of means that yields variation within repetition, Webber’s minimalist forms reveal the infinite possibilities of the photogram as both medium and process. Like the poetic restraint of Agnes Martin’s painted grids, these abstract black-and-white images - devised from layers of thread - hum with the subtle energy that only the gesture of the hand can provide”
United States
abstract art,abstract photography,photography
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Webber’s photographic work explores the intersection of photography and sculpture.

In her studio practice, she begins with a sculptural object; the object is made of hand-cut shapes or manipulated found objects.

The photographs are made by shooting the objects with a large format view camera, and printing the negatives in various sizes, on a mat surface paper, that has the look of charcoal on watercolor paper.

Webber’s aim is to create an abstract image, which explores perceptions of negative and positive space, movement or stasis in an image, and light as a trace of movement and space.

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Tenesh Webber is a Canadian contemporary artist known for her black-and-white abstract photography. She was born in 1963. Read More

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