Theo Van de Goor is fascinated by the story of Reynard the Fox. This drypoint etch is a portrait of one of the main characters in 'Van Den Vos Reinaerde'. Bruun the gluttonous bear. He just bearly survives Reynards foul tricks. The artist found an antique edition of 'Van den Vos Reinaerde' in a bookstore in Amsterdam. The text from this epic sounded immediately familiar to the artist. There are a lot of similarities with the dialect spoken in the part of the Netherlands where the artist is born and grew up.

nr. of edition: 5/9*

available 2 E.A.(epreuve d'artiste) *

Each one of these drypoint etchings is hand-signed and numbered. It comes framed in museal quality.

SIZE FRAMED: 30 x 40 cm

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